'Penalty' story

Hello! I have just added my first story onto the Inky Dreams stories! Read it and tell me what you think in a email to inkydreams0@gmail.com or tell me on the chat page:)

You can find the story on the page: Inky Dreams Writing



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Hello, and welcome to Inky Dreams! You are probably all wondering what this website is about, why you should read it and why I created it. I'll start with the question: What is it about?(Just before we continue, I'd like to say that inkydreams.simplesite.com is a website for you, your imagination and since stories swarm in your imagination, then that too.)It's a bit hard to explain how this exactly works but I'll do my best. You see, this website will be full of writing which will be mine and possibly yours!  Writing however also means something else, writing also means scribbling some words down on a piece of ivory white paper, walls, furniture, really your choice of where you want to write something is so very extraordinary though some people may not be impressed. I think and believe that everyone, everyone has a imagination therefore they are capable of twisting it like a rag doll, squeezing as if was a apple, a bright, blood red apple and letting their stories branch through just as the leafy branches of trees would.  Inky Dreams is all about imagination. 


So what I'm trying to tell you is that that there will be a new post at least once a week on the 'Home' page on anything really because its my imagination, isn't it? I can choose, can't I? However, if you would like to send a request/question/other for this task I will do every week, then please email your request/question/other to the email: inkydreams0@gmail.com

I created this website because I have a passion for writing; when imagination takes hold of me, I literally can't stop writing the particular thing I wanted to before I have finished. I suppose I don't want to forget the idea. Also I have made many websites and blogs before so now I am quite experienced in making one. Lastly, I think that all of you out there should read this because its not just me with the imagination! Everyone, and I mean everyone out there. I am very sorry if the website does not look very interesting to read. I have only just started but really I am making the effort. Soon, I hope I will sell some products once people start to view this and once it is well known, people may start to buy them. Thank you for reading this because it means the world to me. 

Inky Dreams 

Email: inkydreams0@gmail.com 


PS: If you would like to know about features coming soon or other things to do with the website early, then please email inkydreams0@gmail.com and write: "I would like Inky Dreams to email me about features coming soon or other things to do with the website."

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